The Black Forest is ideal for running. Starting from Igelsbeg, you can begin in front of the door and run in all directions. After a few hundret meters, you will find yourself immersed in nature between woods and meadows. You can explore miles long trails, choosing from everything between well arranged paths to adventurous trails. You won't get bored (and will get fit) thanks to the hilly landscape of the Black Forest. In the lodge, there are descriptions of possible running routes of different length and difficulty devels.


View on the Ellbachsee

The well-developed network of trails starts in front of the door and invites to long walks around the village or to the neighbouring communities. The signposting along the trails is excellent and there are many benches at idyllic places by the waysides, ideal to take a little rest and stop.

If you feel like going for a mountain hike, you can climb the Hornisgrinde, the highest mountain in the Black Forest with 1164 meters of height. The nearby Nationalpark Nordschwarzwald offers various hiking trails, paths, nature experiences and attractions - a joy for every hiking enthusiast:


Thanks to the many cycling paths, bikers and mountain bikers will enjoy their time as well. There are many beautiful bicycle tours around Freudenstadt to the surroundings. Since 2016, there are signposted mountain bike tours (yellow tables) as well, some starting from Igelsberg. Moreover. the nearby National Park offers various different mountainbike tours. There are around 4.000 km of mountainbiking trails in this nature park.


Only around 3 km away, you can find the Nagoldtalsperre, a popular local recreation area in summertime. You can swim in the lake with a view to the surrounding fir forests. When it's colder outside or on bad weather days, the Panoramabad in Freudenstadt is an excellent destination to swim or relax. Starting with a 25-meter sports pool, over a large sauna and wellness area to an adventure pool and water slides, there's something for everyone.

The Nagoldtalsperre in summer
The Nagoldtalsperre in summer

(Cross-country) skiing

In the wintertime, you can practise (cross-country) skiing, a cross-country ski trail starts in close proximity to the lodge, rendering Igelsberg to a popular vacation spot.
Part of the cross-country ski run around the village
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