In the morning, we serve a rich breakfast buffet. The offer includes a selection of mostly regional products of high quality, also tailored to the needs of active people. At certain days of the week, varying "specials" are served (e.g. organic spelt bread from the nearby Bohnet-farm, homemade cakes, eggs etc.). The breakfast buffet costs 9 € per person. We are happy to serve you a vegan breakfast upon request.


There is no restaurant in Igelsberg. But there are various restaurants in the neighbouring towns of Klosterreichenbach (4 km), Baiersbronn (6 km), Erzgrube (4 km), Besenfeld (8 km) and Freudenstadt, which are all only a few minutes away by car. You will find everything from country inns to pizzerias and international cuisine. We are happy to give you recommendations. Alternatively, you can prepare yourself a warm meal in the kitchenette. If you don't want to get in the car, you can also get food delivered. Upon request, we can also give you some advice (all recommended addresses have been tested before). On certain evenings, there's the possibility to participate in a common dinner in the lodge. The owner will cook a (vegetarian) meal herself which will be eaten together (in the style of many hostels on the Camino de Santiago, where this is common). You can sign up for such a dinner until noon of the same day. We will satisfy special wishes/accommodate dietary needs or requests within our possibilities and capacities.